Data Drop: NYPD Issued Majority of Street Vending Tickets in 2022

2023-03-13T18:56:28-04:00March 8th, 2023|Press|

City Limits

"Mohamed Attia, director of the Street Vendor Project, said increased enforcement threatens vendors’ livelihoods, both in the costs of the fines themselves, which can run as much as $1,000, and the disruptions to their workday. “That impacts their lives,” Attia said."

Is New York City helping its homeless or hiding them?

2023-03-13T19:17:32-04:00March 6th, 2023|Press|

Al Jazeera

“Making sense of the world, one story at a time. Host Malika Bilal and journalists from Al Jazeera's international bureaus and beyond share their take on the most important stories. This week, The Take features Peter Malvan, Homeless Advocate in the Urban Justice Center’s Safety Net Project."

DOC two months late on deadline to transfer part of Rikers Island

2022-08-15T18:07:16-04:00August 11th, 2022|News, Press|

Daily Eagle

Darren Mack, the co-director of [UJC's] Freedom Agenda, said closing and transferring facilities would be a win for everyone involved, pointing to the potential for correction officers to not be stretched as thinly and, in turn, enable detainees to have better access to medical services and programming....“We hope this mayor will follow the law that's been established by the Renewable Rikers Act,” he added. “At this moment this administration is operating outside of the law… and I think this administration needs to take the next step, which is transfers.”

Game of roams: Homeless New Yorkers say they’re subject to sleepless game amid city sweeps

2022-08-22T04:26:44-04:00August 11th, 2022|Press|


“‘Neil’s plight mirrors that of many other homeless New Yorkers, who find themselves harassed, exhausted, and worn down because of Mayor Adams’ Broken Windows effort to get homeless people out of sight. And maybe that’s the point. These sweeps are designed not to help people, but to break spirits. Mayor Adams and Commissioner Jenkins must stop these sweeps and offer people permanent homes,’ Karim Walker said, an outreach worker and organizer with the Safety Net Project.”

My Son’s Pretrial Incarceration Shows Everything Wrong with the System

2022-06-27T13:45:51-04:00June 17th, 2022|Press|

Gotham Gazette

"Now my son is considering taking a plea. It’s really tempting – he wants to be home, and he especially wants to get out of Rikers. But it’s not fair. My son, like so many others, was harassed by the police for being homeless, held for ransom by a judge, and denied due process by guards who don’t care about doing their jobs. Where’s the justice in that?" - Freedom Agenda Member, P. Mass

Adams Defends Police for Handcuffing Vendor Who Sold Mangoes in Subway

2022-05-18T19:35:15-04:00May 9th, 2022|Press|

New York Times

"The city has for years capped the number of mobile food vending permits at 2,900...“Everybody operating without one of these permits is sadly considered a criminal and being treated as one by the N.Y.P.D. and by the other agencies,” said Mohamed Attia, managing director of the Street Vendor Project."

2021 Was Deadliest Year on Record for Homeless New Yorkers

2022-03-09T13:29:26-05:00March 8th, 2022|Press|

City Limits

“Every one of these deaths is a tragedy that was likely preventable,” said Peter Malvan, a homeless rights advocate with the Safety Net Project. “Housing is a basic human need, and housing is what homeless New Yorkers need—not constant harassment by city agencies.”