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NYC Failing to Process Most Food Stamp, Cash Benefit Applications on Time

September 18th, 2023|

City Limits

"A recertification delay can lead to a lapse in benefits—a dangerous situation for recipients like Diana Ramos, a leader with the Safety Net Project at the Urban Justice Center. Ramos has Type 2 diabetes and has yet to receive her SNAP for September...“I’m deathly afraid of my sugar bottoming out, and ending up in the hospital,” she told City Limits.

Local Street Vendors Affected: NYC Comptroller Queries City Hall Over Delayed Law Implementation and Vendor Sweeps

September 13th, 2023|


Lander's letter asks for detailed information on licenses, waitlists, enforcement actions, and vendor engagement. He aims to hold the city accountable to Local Law 18 and advocate for fair treatment of street vendors...Mohamed Attia of the Street Vendor[s] Lander's call for a quick and fair implementation of Local Law 18.

WE ACT Organizes Against Adams’ Reversal of Rikers Closure

September 13th, 2023|

Columbia Spectator

“He’s gotten away with not saying that he doesn’t want Rikers to close, even though all of his actions say that very thing,” [said John Proctor, the communications and digital organizing manager of the decarceration organization Freedom Agenda.]

‘Poster Man’ and Vendor Activist Michael Wells Celebrates 15 Years of Decorating Columbia’s Walls

September 10th, 2023|

Columbia Spectator

Wells has worn many more hats than just Poster Man. He is a father, vendor, activist, a founder of the Urban Justice Center’s Street Vendor Project, a one-time sports agent, jazz fanatic, and former law student, he told Spectator on a recent Wednesday evening.