Slow post-pandemic return to work is hammering NYC street food vendors

2022-09-28T19:15:20+00:00September 28th, 2022|News|

NY Daily News

“‘[People] were really hoping that we will see some sort of a full recovery or a full comeback to the pre-COVID time,’ Mohamed Attia, director of advocacy group Street Vendor Project, said. ‘People were expecting much more...I’ve seen something between only 20 to 30% of the building’s capacities getting back into the location, and that, of course, impacts their business significantly.’”

Why New York Is Resorting to Tents to House Surge of Migrants

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New York Times

Kathleen Cash, an advocate at the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center, called the pictures of what the centers might look like “devastating.” “Opening short-term municipal refugee camps through a separate city bureaucracy — while the mayor has repeatedly failed to honor the right to shelter, and has announced plans to ‘reassess’ it — is the kind of approach many feared this administration would take,” she said.

The NYPD Now Decides What Homeless Encampments Get Swept

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City Limits

“This decision is directly in line with his belief in widely discredited broken windows theories of public safety, which have hit poor and working-class Black and Latinx New Yorkers hardest,” said Karim Walker, an organizer and outreach worker with the Safety Net Project [of the Urban Justice Center]. “These sweeps are designed to break spirits and get people out of sight.

What Would NYC Look Like Without Right to Shelter? Bleak, Say the People Who’ve Needed It

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City Limits

Given the persistent crisis, what New York City really needs is a right to housing, said Karim Walker, an organizer [with the Safety Net Project] who spent years staying in public spaces, in DHS men’s shelters and in SafeHavens—facilities with fewer restrictions than the broader shelter network—before getting an apartment through a housing lottery.

There’s No Way FOSTA Isn’t a First Amendment Violation, Says Lawsuit

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“There's no way the Allow States and Victims Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) doesn't violate the First Amendment, argues a federal lawsuit challenging the law. Among other things, it criminalizes web platforms that facilitate prostitution...Briefs supporting the plaintiffs have been filed by the Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center and more than 20 other groups.”

NYC ‘nearing its breaking point’ amid influx of migrants, reassessing longstanding procedures

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ABC News 7

“Challenging the right to shelter is dangerous,’ the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center wrote on Twitter. ‘Without this right, tens of thousands of people will be on the street.”

Bill to Require Mental Health Staff at Family Shelters Spurs Worry Over ‘Unintended Effects’

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City Limits

“But other advocates argued the resources the legislation looks to provide, while well-intended, would be better used to shore up mental healthcare options for families in shelter outside the facilities they’re staying in. ‘We think a better option for the city is to fund dedicated lines for additional mental health support off-site,’ said Helen Strom, homeless and benefits director at the Urban Justice Center’s Safety Net Project.”

Yet another Rikers Island inmate dies in custody – the third since August

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"It’s now been just over a year since my son’s death in that place, and three more people have taken their own lives in the past month alone. I don’t know what the Mayor is waiting for to do something. Does he even care?" - Freedom Agenda Member Tamara Carter

Detainee hangs himself on Rikers Island, marking 14th in-custody death

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NY Post

“What are we going to have to do? Do they want us to film each funeral to see the families’ pain up close and personal? Doing nothing equals more death. The humans on Rikers are screaming for help. Is anybody going to help them?" - Freedom Agenda member Tamara Carter