For years, Nev Schulman (star of MTV’s Catfish) has been a devoted supporter of our work, and of social justice generally. That’s why we’re excited to announce Nev as our first official celebrity ambassador. Last week, our Executive Director Doug Lasdon invited him to our offices to tape a welcome video for our supporters – click here to watch now!

When President Trump instituted his unconstitutional Muslim Ban, Nev leapt to action.

Like many of UJC’s immigration attorneys, Nev raced to JFK, to let the world – and our clients – know they had his support. Perhaps you know Nev from his documentary, Catfish, or his TV show of the same name, or from his prolific and hilarious online presence. But at UJC, this is the Nev we’ve known for over a decade: caring, decisive, and never one to stand on the sidelines of injustice – which is why we’re proud to have Nev as our first UJC Ambassador.

But Nev isn’t enough: We need to get our message out there, and while Nev has a big platform, he can’t be everywhere at once – which is why we created the #UJCAmbassadors, an easy way for people to support and amplify our work online. Want to get involved? Simply read below and get started!

Image of the UJC Social Media Ambassador Header

The #UJCAmbassador program allows individuals to get more involved with UJC’s mission by volunteering and amplifying resources for New Yorkers facing mental health, domestic violence, housing, incarceration, human rights, poverty issues, and other social justice related concerns. By sharing UJC’s mission on social media through our approved actions, you advocate for those who don’t have a voice while earning volunteer service hours.

Get Started:

Sign into Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and participate in any of the actions below using the hashtag #UJCAmbassador. Every 5 actions is equal to 2 service hours. To earn approved service hours please sign up using the form below, participate in the actions listed below, and send screenshots of your actions to You cannot earn service hours unless you have signed up to be a #UJCAmbassador

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We are thrilled that you want to become a #UJCAmbassador! Please be respectful and kind when discussing UJC. Engaging in negative discourse on social media while using the #UJCAmbassador hashtag or UJC content will result in ending an individuals #UJCAmbassador membership.

For any questions,  please reach out to

Get started and share our #UJCAmbassador Program