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DOC two months late on deadline to transfer part of Rikers Island

2022-08-15T18:07:16-04:00August 11th, 2022|News, Press|

Daily Eagle

Darren Mack, the co-director of [UJC's] Freedom Agenda, said closing and transferring facilities would be a win for everyone involved, pointing to the potential for correction officers to not be stretched as thinly and, in turn, enable detainees to have better access to medical services and programming....“We hope this mayor will follow the law that's been established by the Renewable Rikers Act,” he added. “At this moment this administration is operating outside of the law… and I think this administration needs to take the next step, which is transfers.”

NYC Evictions Creep Up As Housing Courts Get Busier

2022-08-16T16:30:11-04:00August 11th, 2022|News|


“Tenant advocates, meanwhile, say recent increases in both filings and warrant issuances are concerning in light of a shortage of available attorneys to represent low-income families in housing court.....Marika Dias, director of the Safety Net Project at the Urban Justice Center, said her organization has been able to increase its staffing somewhat in recent months, but is still struggling to keep up with demand....‘It's very difficult to get in front of the shortage,’ she said.”

Game of roams: Homeless New Yorkers say they’re subject to sleepless game amid city sweeps

2022-08-22T04:26:44-04:00August 11th, 2022|Press|


“‘Neil’s plight mirrors that of many other homeless New Yorkers, who find themselves harassed, exhausted, and worn down because of Mayor Adams’ Broken Windows effort to get homeless people out of sight. And maybe that’s the point. These sweeps are designed not to help people, but to break spirits. Mayor Adams and Commissioner Jenkins must stop these sweeps and offer people permanent homes,’ Karim Walker said, an outreach worker and organizer with the Safety Net Project.”

Detainee dies on Rikers, officer fired

2022-07-18T19:56:57-04:00July 12th, 2022|News|

Queens Daily Eagle

“Freedom Agenda Co-Director Darren Mack condemned what he described as an ongoing ‘human rights emergency...‘The chronic staff absenteeism continues while DA’s and judges are unnecessarily sending people to a potential death sentence,’ Mack said. ‘New York City’s communities need accountability, decarceration, and ultimately closure of the jails.’”

Same shift, different days: Advocates accuse city of homeless encampment sweep bias for redeploying NYPD officers and DHS agents over and over again

2022-05-16T19:44:45-04:00May 15th, 2022|News|


Social worker with the Safety Net Project [of the Urban Justice Center] Craig Hughes who often spends time speaking with the homeless is concerned about the fact the same officers and DHS workers are spotted at Manhattan encampments, feeling that when DHS arrives at a site flanked by the NYPD it makes them an extension of law enforcement.

Adams Defends Police for Handcuffing Vendor Who Sold Mangoes in Subway

2022-05-18T19:35:15-04:00May 9th, 2022|Press|

New York Times

"The city has for years capped the number of mobile food vending permits at 2,900...“Everybody operating without one of these permits is sadly considered a criminal and being treated as one by the N.Y.P.D. and by the other agencies,” said Mohamed Attia, managing director of the Street Vendor Project."