Outreach teams redirected 1,379 homeless NYers from subways to shelters: Mayor Adams

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"Craig Hughes, a social worker with the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center, told Gothamist on Wednesday that Adams’ announcement seemed more in service of providing good press than substantive information."

Americans Welcome Ukrainians, But America Doesn’t

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The solution: The U.S. must urgently reform its immigration system, so that quickly and efficiently providing refuge and work authorization to the most vulnerable migrants becomes the norm, not something special. [op-ed by DVP Supervising Immigration Attorney, Joy Ziegeweid]

NYC Aims to Restaff Wiped-Out Housing Discrimination Unit as Voucher Values Rise

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City Limits

“In December of last year just 24 percent of households—637 of 2,623—who were approved by a landlord to rent a unit managed to move in, according to data obtained through a Freedom of Information Law request by the [Safety Net Project of the] Urban Justice Center."

Rikers Island crisis: Formerly incarcerated leaders and allies demand urgent humanitarian action in facility

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“A receiver may be able to cut through some of the dysfunction accumulated from decades of political cowardice, appeasement of COBA, and disregard for incarcerated people, but Rikers cannot be fixed,” said Darren Mack, Co-Director of Freedom Agenda [at UJC]. “It must be closed, and the Mayor should be taking every opportunity to expedite those plans.” 

The Status of Street Vendors in NYC: Background and Overview

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Hunter College

"In 2009, the Street Vendor Project and the Center for Urban Pedagogy created a special issue of Making Policy Public (The Center for Urban Pedagogy’s informational poster series) titled Vendor Power! that ‘decode[s] the rules and regulations for New York’s 10,000 street vendors so they can understand their rights and avoid unnecessary fines.’"

Arrest Of Subway Vendor Raising Questions About Police Action

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NY CaribNews

“‘Horrific treatment of Maria, a mother, immigrant entrepreneur & her *daughter* who filmed,’ the tweet [from the Street Vendor Project] read. ‘Maria was recently arrested for selling mangoes & kiwis to customers she’s served for 10+ yrs. Shame on our city for choosing cruelty, instead of supporting hard-working mothers.’”

Same shift, different days: Advocates accuse city of homeless encampment sweep bias for redeploying NYPD officers and DHS agents over and over again

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Social worker with the Safety Net Project [of the Urban Justice Center] Craig Hughes who often spends time speaking with the homeless is concerned about the fact the same officers and DHS workers are spotted at Manhattan encampments, feeling that when DHS arrives at a site flanked by the NYPD it makes them an extension of law enforcement.

Advocates decry the arrest of a fruit vendor in New York’s subway after video goes viral

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The Observers

“‘Imagine having two city agents and police officers coming to check on you,’ said Carina Kaufman-Gutierrez, deputy director at the Street Vendor Project. ‘The city is pouring all these resources into criminalizing and shutting down these small businesses instead of creating a licensing program and regulating them.’”

Eviction Rates Are Rising

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WNYC The Takeaway

"Since pandemic eviction moratoriums and other tenant predictions have lapsed, eviction rates have risen to nearly pre-pandemic levels...we speak with Marika Dias, Managing Director at the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center in New York City...about the importance of Right to Counsel rights for tenants who are facing eviction."