Demandan que cierren la prisión y mejoren condiciones de reos en Rikers Island

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NY1 Noticias

"La verdadera seguridad pública radica en recursos para nuestras comunidades, porque constantemente encarcelamos a las personas más vulnerables con problemas de salud mental, adicción a las drogas, pobreza", dijo Ashley Conrad, coordinadora de Comunidad Freedom Agenda.

Mayor Adams overhauls NYC’s embattled rental assistance program, but holds on to shelter rule slammed by advocates

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NY Daily News

"Kathleen Cash, a homeless advocate with the Safety Net Project, said the pilot is a “positive step,” but questioned the mayor’s argument for more research. “No one needs more research or ‘pilot projects’ to show that ‘housing-first’ works — the available research is comprehensive and readily available,” she said."

The Street Vendor Project Fights for NYC’s Smallest Businesses

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"Enter the Street Vendor Project (SVP): an organization dedicated to protecting these integral members of New York City’s economy by providing legal assistance, raising awareness, and connecting vendors with resources to help them grow. SVP is the only organization in New York City that advocates for street vendors, servicing all five boroughs."

The Crisis at Rikers Island

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"Eighteen people jailed at Rikers Island have died this year, the most since 2013. Darren Mack, co-director of the Urban Justice Center's Freedom Agenda, a member-led project organizing communities impacted by incarceration, joins us to discuss the continuing crisis, the activist response and the latest on efforts to close Rikers."

40% of NYC Food Stamp Applicants Left Waiting for Benefits, Data Shows

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City Limits

“Families are struggling to put food on the table especially with rising costs of inflation and instead of the city meeting this crisis, it has become harder for people to access the SNAP benefits they are entitled to,” [Adriana] Mendoza [benefits supervisor at the Safety Net Project] said.

Closing Rikers: 18th jail death leads to 18-hour protest, 18 body bags by City Hall

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NY Amsterdam News

“2022 has become one of the deadliest years in the history of NYC Department of Corrections,” said [UJC's] Freedom Agenda co-director Darren Mack. “The dysfunction, chronic staff absenteeism, and lack of accountability has intensified. Advocates have been sounding the alarm and calling for urgent action from the City.”

New Nonprofit to Use Civic-Improvement Prize Money to Hire Legal Talent

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NY Law Journal

“The Family Justice Law Center [part of UJC's Social Justice Accelerator], the first organization of its kind in the United States, will go on the legal offensive on behalf of families who say child welfare agencies violated their constitutional rights.”

2,600 supportive housing units in NYC remain vacant despite new developments

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“Early on, the administration committed to ‘streamlining’ placements into supportive housing,” the Safety Net Project [of UJC] tweeted. “Instead, it’s been the same old: layers of bureaucracy & refusal to change the discriminatory, opaque and unaccountable ‘matching’ & ‘interview’ processes.”