SBS Announces Boot Camp To Help Small Businesses Launch, Cut Through Red Tape

2023-08-28T13:24:20-04:00August 24th, 2023|News|


"This webinar builds on the successful partnership between SBS and community organizations such as the Street Vendor Project, which was awarded a Merchant Organizing Grant to promote street vendor outreach and education..."

D.C.’s Street Vendor Regulations Formalize The Informal

2023-08-28T13:22:34-04:00August 22nd, 2023|News|

Next City

"Before the pandemic, there were at least 20,000 street vendors in New York, according to the Street Vendor Project, a citywide organization of street vendors that pushes for more vendor-friendly regulations. The true number is likely higher..."

New York Workers Are Waiting on $79 Million in Back Wages

2023-08-21T12:46:30-04:00August 21st, 2023|News|

Pro Publica

"In Maryland and Wisconsin, for instance, workers are allowed to place a lien on their employers’ personal property to secure the payment of back wages. This has proven to be effective, according to a 2015 report by the Legal Aid Society, Urban Justice Center and the National Center for Law and Economic Justice."

New Yorkers See Uneven Improvement in Food Stamp, Cash Assistance Delays

2023-08-21T12:38:52-04:00August 17th, 2023|News|

City Limits

"The Safety Net Project is grateful for Judge Rearden’s order, she added, but disappointed in the timeline it sets forth. 'To say that HRA has until March 2024 to figure this out—it’s just not good enough, given the severity and impact on clients.'”

Neighborhood Cop Plotted to Disrupt Corona Vendor Rally, Misconduct Complaint Alleges

2023-08-21T12:25:13-04:00August 17th, 2023|News|

The City

"The conflict between street sellers and their local opponents came to a crescendo in Corona when vendor advocates learned that Stephanie De La Nuez, a neighborhood coordination officer at the 110th Precinct, was working with a neighborhood group called the Neighbors of the American Triangle to target them, according to...SVP."