Letter: 90+ LGBTQ and human rights organizations oppose KOSA

2022-12-05T17:29:03+00:00November 28th, 2022|News|

Fight for hte Future

"While KOSA has laudable goals, it also presents significant unintended consequences that threaten the privacy, safety, and access to information rights of young people and adults alike. We urge members of Congress not to move KOSA forward this session..." - Signed by the Sex Worker’s Project of the Urban Justice Center and many other non-profits

‘Digitized Love’: How Prison Mail Bans Harm Incarcerated People

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Rolling Stone

"Brian, a longtime activist [with UJC’s Freedom Agenda] who served a year in New York’s Rikers Island in 2006 and then two shorter stints years later for parole violations, says he is 17 months sober thanks to 12-step programs. “You’re not gonna keep drugs out of anywhere,” he says. “Instead of spending all that time and resources, they’d be way better spent and more effective put into education programs, self-help programs, 12-step programs. That’s what’s gonna get people off drugs.”

20 Brooklyn Nonprofits Announced as Finalists For The $100,000 Spark Prize

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BK Reader

Five winners will be selected by a committee to receive the $100,000; in addition, all 20 finalists will receive $5,000 via a donation match from the Brooklyn Community Foundation’s Giving Tuesday campaign. [UJC’s Street Vendor Project is one of the finalists]

New York City Communities Say #EraseTheDatabase

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The Paper

“We stand with the GANGS Coalition to end this gang database this year,” Darren Mack, co-founder, and co-director of the Urban Justice Center’s Freedom Agenda said to the crowd at Brooklyn Borough Hall. “After that, we want all those resources that the NYPD utilized to operate that system to go back into our community.”

NYC Pilots ‘Housing First’ Plan for Handful of Homeless Adults

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City Limits

"The 80 units “are a positive option for 80 people,” said Kathleen Cash, a homeless and benefits advocate with the organization Safety Net Project. “But there are some 2,600 vacant supportive housing units, more than when this administration began, and there are serious actions the city can take— that it has power over—to fill those units. They’ve simply refused to do so.”

Dispute begins in a court case against NYC over Moving Homeless People from a Hotel to an Emergency Shelter

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Local Today

"The lawsuit against New York City...was filed by the Safety Net Project at the Urban Justice Center — a group that advocates for stronger safety nets — and alleges about 39 homeless people are new Yorkers lost thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings and wages when de Blasio announced in June 2021."

Arguments Begin in Lawsuit Against NYC Over Homeless Move from Hotel to Shelters

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"The lawsuit against New York City...was brought by the Safety Net Project at the Urban Justice Center...and claims that roughly 39 homeless New Yorkers lost thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings and wages when de Blasio announced in June 2021 that he planned to move homeless people out of hotel rooms and back into dormitory style facilities..."