There’s a Very Real Danger Here’: AOC on 2024, the Climate Crisis and ‘Selling Out’

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Ocasio-Cortez and Street Vendor Project advocates call for the continuation of locally led efforts to improve the Corona Plaza vendor market in Queens, New York.

Plan To Shutter City’s Floating Jail Is Drawing Backlash

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"I'm glad that the boat is closing. I am glad,” said Edwin Santana, a community organizer with the Freedom Agenda at the Urban Justice Center….[But] "All they're doing is shifting people from one terrible area to another terrible area."

NYC jail barge Vernon C. Bain Center to close; detainees, staff moving from Bronx to Rikers Island, other lockups

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“The Boat, like Rikers Island, should have closed a long time ago,” Lezandre Khadu, a member of the Campaign to Close Rikers [co-founded by UJC’s Freedom Agenda], said in a statement."

NYC’s ‘Floating Jail’ Will Close Next Month After 31 Years

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“I'm glad to hear that 'the Boat' is going to close in October,” Santana [a criminal justice advocate with the Urban Justice Center's Freedom Agenda] said. “But I'm saddened to hear that they're going to put the people that are on the boat on Rikers, because no one should be at Rikers."

Prison Reform Advocates Renew Calls For Mayor Adams to Close Rikers Island: ‘He Has an Obligation’

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“Let the mayor know that he has an obligation to close this place down,” said Ashley Conrad of the advocacy group Freedom Agenda. “This is law. It’s a plan that was well thought out and curated by years and years of organizing by directly impacted people.”

In First Months of Street Vendor Enforcement, Sanitation Seized—Then Donated—32,220 Pounds of Food

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“'People are stuck in a really awful situation, and some vendors are taking loans,' said Carina Kaufman-Gutierrez, deputy director of the Street Vendor Project, of those who’ve been unable to sell in the plaza in the four weeks since the sweep."