The 2023 TCS New York City Marathon:

A Good Time, for a Great Cause!

On Sunday, November 5th, #TeamUJC is back to run the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon! Read below to meet our runners, and fill in the form to the right if you want to support #TeamUJC as they raise money for our severely marginalized clients in need.


Andrew C.

Why I’m Running: “I’m running for UJC because I believe that the Urban Justice Committee fosters an environment where all groups feel comfortable expressing themselves across all facets. This is what makes New York New York! TeamUJC empowers NYC citizens to fuel social change. Through their incubation programs it is spectacular to see what they are doing to inspire young leaders and transition ideas around social justice into realities. I can’t wait to represent this group come November- lets run this city!”

Anjelica C.

Why I’m Running: “I’m proud to join #TeamUJC for one of the most community-oriented events of the year, and use running as a tool to impact the world in the ways we desire and so urgently need. The UJC’s mission innovates for social justice and redefines our idea of change and even what it means to be a New Yorker. In the span of 40 years, this organization has nurtured community and fought with unmatched tenacity and grit. Similarly, as I push through 26.2 miles, I’ll be carrying those same UJC’s superpowers with me!”

Bhurin S.

Why I’m Running: “Running with UJC is an incredible opportunity to run with purpose. I’m honored to be a part of a team supporting UJC’s work in building towards a more just and equitable NYC. Through this experience, I hope to deepen the ways I engage with social justice work and set an example to my children that we can accomplish great things as a community.”

Eric J.

Why I’m Running: “UJC’s mission to help the unhoused, the abandoned, and the abused is absolutely critical in a post-covid world that’s left many struggling. I’m honored and excited to run with this years group to continue tackling these challenges.”

Kiran K.

Why I’m Running: “I’m proud to be running for team UJC this fall to support an organization pursuing innovative and novel solutions for social justice. I truly admire the crucial work UJC does to be a voice that advocates and supports those who don’t have someone in their corner.”

Lauren K.

Why I’m Running: “I’m running with UJC to help support this great organization advance social change. I am passionate about making critical legal services available to low-income and marginalized communities and am grateful for organizations like UJC that take on this important work. I’m excited and proud to run my first marathon with Team UJC!”

Malcolm T.

Why I’m Running: “I’m running with UJC to support marginalized people in NYC. I am a firm believer that the legal system should protect the people in the most need, and I’m proud to run with an organization that centers those people in their work.”

Mark H.

Why I’m Running: “I am running the New York marathon for UJC in 2023 to help this great organization mentor the next generation of trailblazing law and social justice leaders.”

Zac B.

Why I’m Running: “As a public school teacher, my work has focused heavily on the intersection of education and social justice. Additionally, as a queer indigenous person, I’ve seen first how poverty impacts the ability of BIPOC people to succeed and survive in the world. I look forward to contributed to the work that UJC does by raising money for this terrific organization.”

Anita C.

Why I’m Running: “I believe in the cause of supporting legal services to allow for fairness in our justice system. Kalief Browder, a teenager then, was accused of stealing a backpack and jailed for three years without trial, including 700 days in solitary confinement. Kalief later lost his life because the justice system failed him. There are many others who suffer solely because they lack the financial means to hire legal representation. The Urban Justice Center (UJC) provides legal support for veterans, refugees, community organizers, domestic violence survivors, low-income citizens, and many more who struggle to navigate the complex US legal system. UJC is also training the next generation of social justice leaders. Join me in supporting TeamUJC to fuel social change.”

Andrew M.

Why I’m Running: “Each fall of my childhood, I watched in awe of the runners as the New York City Marathon snaked through my neighborhood. Now I am honored to run alongside team UJC to give back to the City that raised me. With hate and division at an all time high in our politics, UJC’s mission to serve the most vulnerable has never been more important.”

Brittany V.

Why I’m Running: “As a grassroots organizer in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI, I understand the power of collective action in effectuating systemic change. From schools to healthcare to housing to public safety, we can and must do better to ensure equitable systems that serve EVERYONE — not just those with the socio-economic and political power. For this reason, the Urban Justice Center’s work immediately stood out to me. It’s an honor with run on Team UJC.”

Hailey S.

Why I’m Running: “I am honored to run with Urban Justice Center and play a small part in its mission to fuel social change. I am passionate about the work being done to create an equitable society and admire the tireless work UJC does to lessen the disparity surrounding critical societal issues. I am proud and grateful for the experience represent such an important mission by running the NYC Marathon on behalf of UJC!”

Lily M.

Why I’m Running: “I grew up in NYC watching the marathon go by my window on first avenue for my entire life. Each year, it made me emotional about the power and unity of New Yorkers, not only every day but especially on marathon day. It has been my dream to run the NYC marathon and running with UJC is the perfect way to give back to my city while fulfilling that dream. I fully support UJC’s incredible work in aiding underserved New Yorkers with legal assistance, mental health resources, fighting homelessness and discrimination, and other amazing efforts they continue to make. Help me raise money for an incredible organization so that I can give back to the best city in the world in a meaningful way, while working towards my dream of participating in the marathon!”

Laura B.

Why I’m Running: “I believe the real work towards a more equitable society starts from the ground up and UJC puts in that work everyday. I am inspired by their ongoing work to support the vulnerable and marginalized, to fight longstanding issues and to foster the next generation of social justice leaders. I am honored and excited to run my first marathon with team UCJ!”

Madison M.

Why I’m Running: I strongly believe in UJC’s client and community-centered approach to advocating for justice for marginalized communities. Through its diverse clinics and projects, UJC employs a holistic advocacy model, effectively combining direct legal services with larger-scale impact litigation and political organization. As a Housing Advocate at an organization in Rhode Island (the Rhode Island Center for Justice) with an extremely similar mission, I am especially honored to support UJC’s housing clinic and tenant empowerment work. I have witnessed first-hand the power of legal and advocacy efforts to bring about tangible change— I have also come to understand the value of every dollar contributed to the organizations facilitating this work. I’m thrilled to run my first marathon in partnership with this fantastic organization!”

Matt S.

Why I’m Running: “No finer race and no finer cause! I’m running for UJC to support its ongoing efforts to fuel social change in society and providing support to marginalized people in the greater New York area. Please consider supporting a great cause at the forefront of the fight for a just an equitable society. ”



Each year between March and April we look for runners who care about social justice to join us! If you want to fuel social change, and have fun while you’re at it, sign up for our newsletter to be in the know when we’re recruiting runners next year! Read below for more information about fundraising, the benefits of being on our team, and more. If you missed the chance to run this year, but still want to support #TeamUJC, scroll down to see other ways to get involved.


  • Guaranteed race entry
  • Multiple events with the UJC Marathon team including September social meet-up and a team dinner the weekend of the race
  • Fundraising resources and support from UJC staff, including a customized fundraising page and tracking system to help you meet your goals
  • Training and programming to help you be your best on race day
  • NYRR finisher’s medal
  • UJC branded race shirt
  • Race day support from UJC staff
  • Optional: Be featured on UJC’s social media as a supporter


$3000 – Guaranteed NYC race entry.

Minimum fundraising requirement is due one week after the race and goes to supporting the Urban Justice Center’s work on behalf of marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Runners who already secured an entry for the race by qualifying or through the lottery can email Sarah at <sstapleton [at]> to join the #TeamUJC and get set up to fundraise with us and join our training community.


Join our Justice Initiators, a group of supporters who meet monthly for a brief behind-the-scenes look at the work that’s going on at UJC, and the issues we tackle in New York City and around the world.

Check out photos of #TeamUJC from prior races!



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