Art of Disruption & Rap Sheet to Resume

Favianna Rodriguez works on a piece in support of migrants for the Urban Justice Center.

Formerly incarcerated men participating in Gregory Sale’s “Rap Sheet to Resume” at the Urban Justice Center.

On display at UJC 11/1/15 – 6/19/16

Our very first Art@UJC exhibition featured the artists Favianna Rodriguez and Gregory Sale — two of the most dynamic artists working today at the nexus of art, social justice and policy. The exhibition challenged conventional views of formerly incarcerated people, migrants, and economic & gender rights advocates.

With UJC Safe Re-Entry Advocate Johnny Perez, Social Worker Susan Goodwillie, and curated by Marisa Morán Jahn, these new bodies of work launched UJC’s role as an incubator of socially-engaged works alongside vital social service programs.

Read press about the show here.

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