Social Justice Accelerator

Through our  Social Justice Accelerator, we bring regular classes of new fellows into the UJC fold, where they gain access to our resources, experiences, community, and infrastructure. This enables them to leap over the hurdles of being an early stage nonprofit and get directly to serving their constituency.

Applications are now open for our new SJA class. Click here to download.

Completed applications are due by December 1, and should be mailed to SocialJusticeAccelerator [at] UrbanJustice.Org.

The SJA is designed to shepherd new and early-stage social justice organizations through the challenges of developing a well-functioning operation. The initiative grows out of UJC’s decades-long history of incubating and supporting organizations that stand with marginalized communities, fight for inclusive communities, and push for transformative system-level change. Fueled by this history, the SJA invests in individuals and organizations at the forefront of social change by providing the support and resources to help them develop and scale early-stage social justice initiatives.

Our open call is our way of getting the word out to the city’s newest social justice innovators, leaders and organizations.

Individuals invited into the Accelerator will receive up to two years of concrete tools, support, and resources to help accelerate the growth of their initiatives.

Our current class:


For more than 30 years, we have incubated trailblazing projects that tackle the most difficult and ignored issues of our day.

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