Thank you

Every year, we help tens of thousands of New Yorkers in need – but we couldn’t do it without the help of our incredible supporters. From all of us at UJC, staff and clients, we say thank you!


Valerie Block
Joel Frank

The Fred I. and Gilda Nobel Foundation
Ohrstrom Foundation


Kendall and Jyotin A. Hamid


Hayley Champoux
Kenyatta Cheese
Wayne Cohen
Epstein Teicher Philanthropies
Marc Falcone and Caitlin Halligan
Rashawn Howze
Rebecca Karpay and Lev Polinksy

Elyse Levesque
Paul Levy
Kinney Memorial Foundation
Michal Miernowski
Morris A. Hazan Family Foundation
Leah and Christopher Tahbaz


Marion Appel
Michael and Candace Barasch
Gretchen Begley
Joseph and Margot Calabrese
Joan Chan
Michael F. Coyne
Diane Englander and Mark Underberg
Elena Feliciano
Eric Fox
Francis Greenburger Charitable Fund
Freedman-Robins Family Charitable Fund
Carolyn D. Gemmell
Shawn Harrington
Herbert McLaughlin Children’s Trust
Mark Holland
Isaac and Ellen Kier
Ira Lichtiger and Joyce Bluestone
John and Nancy Cassidy Family Foundation
Lasdon Family Foundation
Cecilia Lim
Mitchell and Ann Lowenthal
Christopher J. Meade and Stella Schumacher

David Metz and Juliette Wallack
Nolan Miller
Njilan Ndure
Joseph Neumeyer
Claire Pappas
Kate and Brad R. Peck
Arnold and Sandra Peinado
James Rashid
Robbi Narcisse Giving Fund
Robert M. Schiffman Foundation
Eric and Laurie Roth
Schwartz Hanessian Family Charitable Fund
Cathy Seligman
Leslie Sim
Jessica Shrum
Solomon Family Foundation
Michael A. Stoessl
Nicholas Viennot
Michael Vogel
Michael J. Volkovitsch
Sofia Yakren
Arthur Zuch


Bill Bruml
Edmund & Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation
Ryan Corbett
Debra Erenberg
Steve C. Gilbert
Samantha Goodwin
Lara Green-Spector
Daniel Greenberg
James Haddon
Franklin Halley
Neil Hannan
Mark Hatch-Miller
Molly K. Heines and Thomas Moloney
Lisa Heston
David Hoffman

Matthew Humbaugh
Lisa Jackiel
Susan Joseph
Marla and Joseph Kaufman
Lenon Martin
Leonard Ng
Nancy Ortiz
Potente Huddleston Family Fund
Chez Rich
Robert Schulman
Yaniv Schulman
Karen Shaer
Rami Shafi
Tamar Smith
Trescott Family Fund
Teresa Weber

This list represents donors to our Executive Office in fiscal year 2020-2021. If you believe you have been left off, our apologies! Please email us and let us know.