Join Our Young Professional Network

Interested in doing more for your community & learning more about philanthropy?

Our Young Professional Network (YPN) is a group of passionate individuals that enable us to provide life-saving services to some of New York City’s most vulnerable and exploited populations.

Within the umbrella of YPN, there are two ways to get involved – both options have different levels of commitment, outlined below.

  • Young Professional Board (YPB): To join our YPB, first please fill out this application & return to UJC (development [at] Within the application you’ll find an outline of expectations, fundraising goals, etc. The YPB meets monthly to plan events, strategize for fundraising initiatives, etc. This is the organizing body of the full YPN.
  • Young Professional Advocates (YPA): No application necessary. Commit to a sustained, monthly donation and you’ll receive access to our YPN monthly meetings – which includes access to our Project Leaders, interactive Q&As, etc. This is the peripheral body of the YPN – as a YPA member you are also able to apply to the YPB, if you decide in the future. Click here to sign up for monthly donations.

Members of the YPN at our Night Out Gala