The Urban Justice Center is home to many projects:
Corrections Accountability Project
Community Development Project
Domestic Violence Project
Human Rights Project
International Refugee Assistance Project
Mental Health Project
Peter Cicchino Youth Project
Safety Net Project
Sex Workers Project
Street Vendor Project
Veteran Advocacy Project

Each of our projects operates independently with a common goal of achieving social justice and individual rights. Although our projects serve different client bases, they all face the challenge of making legal services easily accessible to people living on the streets and in poverty, and of making social advocacy and law reform efforts directly responsive to the daily struggles of those individuals. The UJC has developed a unique model to achieve both these ends. Our projects provide outreach legal work in various communities to fuel our broader advocacy efforts. All of our projects rely on this model, or make similar efforts to unite individual stories into a collective voice for social change. To read more about the specific work of individual projects, please explore their pages on the website.