Please help

Normally, the Urban Justice Center provides pro bono legal representation and advocacy to some of New York’s most vulnerable, including survivors of domestic violence, homeless LGBT youth, immigrant street vendors and more. However, the recent pandemic and required social isolation has caused many of our clients – people already living on the edge – to lose their livelihoods and any hope of putting food on their tables. We are setting up this fund to meet these most basic needs. Clients of the UJC will present their needs to the lawyers / advocates / social workers who cover their case and understand their situation best. The lawyers / advocates / social workers will in turn verify and record the expenses, and submit requests to the fund.

The first $10,000 in donations will be matched 1:1 by a generous member of the UJC community.
Your doubled donation makes a real difference:

$50 provides a week of groceries for a family of 2
$200 covers a one-time emergency medical appointment

Recurring donations, in particular, let us plan for the future:

$50/month covers a family’s communication expenses with their legal team
$100/month covers a child’s needs for online education until schools open again

UJC is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit and all donations are 100% tax deductible. For questions about corporate donations or other means of support, please contact Gretchen Nealon.