Image of a collage of UJC client photos with the words "Community Justice Awards 2021."

Thank you for donating in support of the 2021 Community Justice Awards, honoring Wayne Cohen of Sculptor. Your 100% tax deductible donation supports our groundbreaking Projects, who, each year:

  • Help approximately 12,400 households
  • Change the lives of over 27,000 people (80%-90% of color)
  • Promote innovative young activists in the process

We are thrilled to be able to honor Wayne Cohen of Sculptor Capital Management with our Community Leadership Award. Wayne has been involved and instrumental in identifying social justice initiatives for Sculptor providing both monetary support and actually getting employees to “roll up their sleeves” and get involved.

Your support at this year’s Gala will help showcase your commitment to racial equity, diversity and inclusion. Last year proved we must urgently come together to reconcile the disparities in this country – work the Urban Justice Center has been doing since 1984, by providing essential free legal support to the poor (from survivors of domestic violence, to homeless families, to many more), and mentoring the next generation of leaders in the fight for justice.

Thank you for your donation.