MARCH TO THE MAYOR’S HOUSE because Rikers is still a human rights crisis

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Both inside and outside of New York City's jails, Covid-19 is disproportionately harming low-income Black and brown communities. While the City braces for a second wave of the virus, the number of people in City jails has been steadily climbing. People in the jails, their loved ones, and advocates have sounded the alarm, but received no response from the Mayor. In recognition of Human Rights Week, join us to honor the people who have died on Rikers and who are suffering there now, and demand that the City address the worsening human rights crisis in City jails – by calling on judges to release people, investing in housing for people coming home and in meeting our communities’ needs, ending solitary confinement, holding DOC accountable, and passing the Renewable Rikers plan. March ends at Gracie Mansion (starting less than 1 mile away – starting point will be announced soon). If you’d like to get involved in planning calls for this action, please email

Dec. 2nd 6:00PM: What 2021 Candidates Need to Know about Closing Rikers

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In 2021, New York City will elect dozens of new representatives. Anyone running for elected office in 2021 must be committed to closing Rikers (the last penal colony in the United States) and addressing horrendous conditions in all City jails, and must be accountable to directly impacted people in that process. Everyone is welcome, and we especially want to reach 2021 candidates. Please share this tweet and let’s spread the word! Register here.